One Again EP

by Sean McMahon

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released December 29, 2011



all rights reserved


Sean McMahon Brooklyn, New York

Woodsman of Bushwick, singer of hope and sorrow, "part ghost, part Victrolaphone, part campfire storyteller."

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Track Name: One Again
Culture is closing in, lives in our heads
Feeding us Babylon keeps us fed
Everything’s dust in the moonlight & scattered breadcrumbs
Ashes to ashes to raindrops to romance we become one again

Mother and father now the bridge for my soul
Came down from outer space, in pieces I become whole
Brothers & sisters in spirals, in spirals of magic
Time is the silence of secrets it keeps us spiraling & frantic

But I’ve seen the final figure, the formless dragon
With faces that once seemed familiar,
Scattered they become one again.

Straining to see past the wasteland to rainbows & godhead
Trying to breathe in a vacuum what will wake us up again?

Straining to listen to secrets, a silence pregnant
Mother & father conceive me, bound in dependence we become one again.
Track Name: Indigo Souls
i was a memory in my eyes
drippin from ceilings of cavern miles
sad in the country, sad in the towns
sad with the memory i had found

when you read my poem
sad to be around
we're young but we feel old
indigo souls in a runaround

painted a rainbow in the sky
made it a memory
stars came a fallin from a long dark road
we'd paved with our foreheads years ago

saw me in a vision late last night
you dreamt of your monkey in a hall of souls
the king black panther tried to claw your arm
you saw me as a memory strangle myself

arise from the ashes with rainbow wings
a new diamond skeleton, and newborn flesh
search in my body for the man you knew
you'll never see him
Track Name: Bethlehem By Starlight
I woke up and I held your hand
And I wanted to suffer.
Took a lonely walk our my front door
Tried to tread a bit softer.
Lit a light in my head, lit a cigarette
Such a gorgeous autumn.
Decided then just to shake my head
And call upon you, Spirit.

Hear me, Love, I call for You
No rewards I’ll be needing.
See my hands, I’m groping, yea
Wounded in Life’s shadows of loving You.

Misery leave your song before
The Son’s green altar
Happily I sing to thee
What songs I’ve borrowed.
& I would love You & call you friend & never grow weary
Holy One, lend a hand to me, for I walk nearer.

In the light of the secret sky,
Where are You now, where are You Dearest?
Sickness reigns on the ground, in the caves
The tomb opens up, Darling I love You.
O for the joy I can barely see
You are my wine, You are my sorrow
Out in Your heart, it’s a beacon shining
Mother of God, cradle your Child.

Bethlehem by starlight watches
Holy Newborn grab for His Mother
Each new day gone by slower
‘Til time is slowed down from its crooked beating.